Havas’ Brand Prediction. Swiss Health Insurance 2017

Traditionally Havas Madia is publishing their research in a format of infographics.

This is their prediction for Top 10 Swiss health insurance companies to look like in year 2017.

Havas Brand Predictor. Health Insurance in Switzerland 2017

Havas Brand Predictor. Health Insurance in Switzerland 2017

We should expect to see following top 10, which is pretty much the case today, with a bit of shuffling:

1. Helsana
2. Swica
3. Sanitas
4. CSS Versicherung
5. Assura
6. Visana
7. Concordia
8. KPT
9. Groupe Mutuel
10. smile.direct

Havas Media describes the purpose of their project:

Building on the successful launch Brand Momentum in Switzerland in 2012, Havas Worldwide Switzerland has further developed the proprietary Havas brand momentum methodology to a forecast and prognosis tool that projects where brands will rank in two years from now.

Read more on their website.

Some of leading health insurance companies in Switzerland are also quickly adopting online claims management systems, so we remember year 2015 as a big milestone. Try unadox service if your insurance company is not yet offering this functionality.