innovation in insurance

Profit or Transparency, Innovation or No Disruption?

While talking to different representatives of insurance business one can be sure: there are no common opinion or clear strategy where to go. Shall there be innovation and disruption, should it be customer-oriented service and full transparency – no one knows. You can only hear these fancy words on board meetings and advertisement materials.

However, why speaking about innovation at all? Is this something wrong with current insurances? On the other hand, did anyone complain about transparency towards end-clients (read us)?

Well, to answer this we would like to bring you back a few years ago. Just before Uber conquered and changed taxi business.

Did anyone complain about taxi? What can be possibly wrong with a taxi? You raise a hand and hop in a cab. Or you call. Why you need a smartphone in this chain? I think we have an answer for this already, aren’t we?

So, what can be possibly wrong with the insurance? Even more regulated market.

Everything – is the answer.

These days customers expect a cost transparency, personal care and attention. Moreover, we are happy to see there are early birds disrupting the things in routine stuff. Among the pioneers, we can certainly name a few Swiss companies. They already develop web and mobile applications to manage customer claims online. Genius! Both also cut down their costs on manual processing and scanning of postage with all those claims sent in envelopes the old way.

A trend? We certainly hope so.

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