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Brief User Guide – Online Claims Management

Dear users, we would like to bring you a brief user guide (or manual, if you prefer) which gives a better understanding on how to operate the workflow of your personal claims management.

Please, read below and check some screenshots. We are also planning to make a comprehensive guide just a bit later. Since we are in beta and functionality will be improved further continuousely, the guide will be also updated accordingly.

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unadox is opening it’s beta

Finally, ßeta is here!

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our unadox Online Claims Management service. Our team has done a great job last months back in 2012 and we are very happy to invite you to try out our public beta version of service, which is designed to help you managing your documents, deal with insurance claims and get compensations, as well as tax returns, where applicable.

Please, give a try, following http://unadox.com, proceeding with registration and following the instructions. Service is totally free before we go into commercial production. But even then we promise a very reasonable offers: from totally free to decent packages. Even more, all beta users will get a 1-year full service for free. Important is that you like this service and use it.

We would be thankful for all your feedback up on usage of beta service of Claims Management. For this – we open a feedback and support channel: either follow the form on your right on the website, called “feedback and support” – we will get back in touch with in a blink of an eye.

What you get

Following functionality is already available for you in beta:

  • Claims registration via email and web-interface
  • Modification via web-interface (we currently support English only)
  • Claims management with web-interface, sorting, etc.
  • Commenting claims
  • View history of changes
  • Add/modify attachments (including submitting over email)
  • Default and customizable automatic overdue notifications and reminders
  • Recommending service to a friend

And in nearest future we will be launching:

  • Additional European languages
  • Reports functionality
  • … and more

Subscribe to our Twitter and follow us on Facebook to never miss a thing. We are in beta and would like to learn based on your use case.

At the end of the day, when you have finished with your documents routine, we hope to see you enjoying a peace of mind.

Enjoy a peace of mind (online claim management)
And finally,

Happy New Year!